JE’s Power Points

Educational Power Points – created by Janet Eaton for teaching purposes and activism over the years – are posted here because of their insights into the  failures of the global economic model and  political system. Power points  are  found on Corporate Globalization, Continental integration,  the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (the SPP) , the failures of  NAFTA,Water Privatization, Environmental impacts of war, in various aspects of Anti-War protest, Pesticide bylaw work, and on the Digby neck Quarry. As well find power points from three academic courses I taught  on subjects of 1. Critical Perspectives on Globalization; 2. Environment and Sustainable Society;  3.Community Political Power from Local to Global and a life log learning course on “The Corporation” and one on Paradigms and Paradigm shifts.

Power Points from the relevant University Courses I have taught are still being uploaded.



* Janet Eaton’s Power Point on the SPP: Everything You Wanted to Know About Globalization,NAFTA, and the “Security & Prosperity Partnership. This slide show is a revised version of Janet Eaton’s presentations at the Boston Public Library and the Massachusetts State House on March 23 and 26, 2008 on behalf of the New England Alliance for Democracy.   http://www.newenglandalliance.orgsn_display1.php?row_ID=27

* Watch Dr. Janet Eaton discuss continental integration at the recent 2007 Green Party of the United States Convention.

* VIDEO:  Security & Prosperity Partnership (SPP) : Origins, Structures and Impacts Interview  Janet Eaton and Karen O’Donnell with Dave Lewis.

*NAFTA Growing Resistance and Calls for Renegotiation and Oversight.

NAFTA at 13 Oversold, Flawed & Failing.Public  Lecture Sponsored by ActCity Ottawa, Oct 24, 2007. By Janet M Eaton, PhD, Academic, Activist Researcher,  Globalization and Free Trade Critic


* Pugwash Anti-Nuclear Presentation: Connecting to the Power of Women

* Acadia Summer Peace keeping Institute:
Gender & Peace Keeping Operations by Janet M Eaton, POSI, June 11, 2003

* Canada Say NO to Missile De fence

* Building Another Superpower


Digby Neck Quarry: Basalt Assault: Digby Neck, Mega-Quarry: Globalization, NAFTA, SPP & Atlantica vs. Local Sustainable Development Presentation by Dr. Janet M Eaton, Sierra Club of Canada, International Liaison to the Sierra Club’s Corporate Accountability Committee. Digby Neck (Whites Point) Mega-Quarry Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency Hearings, Digby, Nova Scotia, June 29, 2007.

Transcript of Janet M Eaton, PhD in conversation with James Howard Kunstler, author and expert on Peak Oil. Sarasota Springs, NY State, March 6th, 2006.  [Submitted as testimony to CEAA hearings on Digby Neck]

Pesticide Bylaw work:

Water Privatization:

* “Threats to Our Water: NAFTA, SPP, Super-Corridors, Atlantica” By Dr. Janet Eaton, PhD. Power Point with images and photos.

Water for People and Nature: The Story of Corporate Water Privatization. By Janet M Eaton and Ruth Caplan 2004

Water privatization – Bottled Water

* Corporate Privatization of Water Services


Community Political Power – power points from a course taught at Acadia University [About ten power points-to be uploaded to net]

Environment and sustainably Society -power points from a course taught at Acadia University  [about six power points to be uploaded to net]

Critical Perspectives on Globalization -Power Points from course taught at Acadia University  [about ten power points to be uploaded ]

The Corporation – life long learning course on The Corporation based on book and film by Joel Bakan [to be uploaded]

* Three power points summarizing key concepts from the Book

* Collapse

* Beyond Collapse


* Adapted from Janet Eaton’s paper on Paradigms

* Ken Wilber Charts on Evolution of Human Consciousness and correlations with cultural evolution and Ideologies

* Dr Paul Ray- Cultural Creatives


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