World Views

World Views, sometimes referred to as dominant paradigms, shape who we are, how we view the world, our political system, economic system and culture among other things. World view or paradigm shifts can be traced from the time of nomadic culture, through horticultural,  agrarian, post- modern paradigm shifts  to the present.  Evolutionary systems theory helps us to see  patterns that emerge from the story of our evolution from the big bang to the present. This is helpful in assessing  where we are now on the  evolutionary trajectory.   It also helps us to see the parallels between human consciousness development, cultural development and scientific and technological developments.

There is a growing awareness that the planetary cycles and ecosystems that define our interconnected world are in varying stages of collapse while at the same time the global financial system teeters on the edge of collapse.

Evolutionary systems theorists describe this imminent collapse by referring to chaos theory. They suggest that  when any system is in a state of major perturbation called the chaos point or bifurcation point it either breaks down or breaks through. This has great implication for the choices we now have to make about the future of the planet and humanity and there are  hopeful signs that breakthrough is emerging.

For more on Paradigms and evolutionary systems theory see:

Janet Eaton’s paper on Paradigms


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