Beyond CollapseJanet Eaton’s Blog Beyond Collapse explores and exposes myths associated with Capitalism and corporate globalization that  have led to the failures which are now visible for the entire world to see – as the global uprisings and the Occupy Movement are  demonstrating. Financial collapse;  ecosystem collapse; climate change; peak oil; degradation and contamination of our air, soils, and water; food crises;  global poverty all signal the end of the economic growth model as we have known it since the days  of Adam Smith.  We are entering a period of profound instability that will require a broad lens and ‘evolutionary eyes’ to negotiate the personal to political and economic whole system shifts that will be required to avoid breakdown and achieve  breakthrough to paraphrase the words  of Chaos theorists.  Systemic thinking, evolutionary systems thinking, understanding paradigm shifts, developing new assumptions, values, knowledge base and ways of doing things essential for whole system change, learning from history, new ways of communicating, and reframing will be necessary to grapple with the consequences of the massive failures cascading into public view.   Finally the blog will bring to light alternative economic models currently being talked about, pursued and in some cases being put into practices e.g. Degrowth, and  Transition Towns. Alternative economic models need to be discussed now so there are new policy ideas to ponder as the old ways collapse.


2 Responses to About

  1. Leon Breckenridge says:

    I have been involved in renewable energy, waste conversion and integrated solutions since the first energy crisis (1970’s). I would like to email a draft of 30 years of research that includes one solution. The “Degrowth” can and should result in better health, far less stress, more time outside of work and close to a zero carbon footprint.

    Leon Breckenridge
    Spokane Valley, WA

  2. ianwilder7 says:

    Thank you. I have shared the post. You should add a subscribe by email button for people like me who want to follow your posts.

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