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World Views can also be referred to as dominant paradigms, horizons of expectation, global perspectives, and other names depending on the discipline originating the terms.

Evolutionary Systems Theory examines evolution from the big bang until today and finds patterns and truths that help us to intuit where we are as a species and a culture on the evolutionary spiral today. It sees the parallels between systems as well as the patterns of evolving systems throughout history. Charts and diagrams help to make this study explicit and invaluable for looking into the future

Fracking Industry: Misinformation, Hype and the Financial Risks with Reference to Nova Scotia and the Wheeler Commission.

By Janet M Eaton, PhD Introduction: Much has been written about the environmental, geological, social, cultural, health, and small scale local economic concerns related to hydraulic fracturing for shale gas. At the same time there is growing awareness of the … Continue reading

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