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Beyond Collapse explores and exposes myths associated with Capitalism and corporate globalization that  have led to the failures which are now visible for the entire world to see – as the global uprisings and the Occupy Movement are  demonstrating. Financial collapse;  ecosystem collapse; climate change; peak oil; degradation and contamination of our air, soils, and water; food crises;  global poverty all signal the end of the economic growth model as we have known it since the days  of Adam Smith.  We are entering a period of profound instability that will require a broad lens and ‘evolutionary eyes’ to negotiate the personal to political and economic whole system shifts that will be required to avoid breakdown and achieve  breakthrough to paraphrase the words  of Chaos theorists.  Systemic thinking, evolutionary systems thinking, understanding paradigm shifts, developing new assumptions, values, knowledge base and ways of doing things essential for whole system change, learning from history, new ways of communicating, and reframing will be necessary to grapple with the consequences of the massive failures cascading into public view.   Finally the blog will bring to light alternative economic models currently being talked about, pursued and in some cases being put into practices e.g. Degrowth, and  Transition Towns. Alternative economic models need to be discussed now so there are new policy ideas to ponder as the old ways collapse.


About janetmeaton10

* Janet M Eaton is an independent researcher, activist, public educator who has taught part-time in several Nova Scotia’s universities most recently at Acadia University in Political Science and Environment and Sustainability. She has served as a consultant to national NGOs , conducted workshops on Paradigms and Paradigm Shifts for provincial and municipal level governments ; has been a leader in the Environment and Peace Movements co-founding a white arm band campaign that went national to try to stop the war on Iraq, was head of Canadian Voice of Women for Peace where she served as a UN rep to the Women’s commission at the UN. She was Sierra Club Canada’s international rep on Water privatization and Corporate Accountability attending the World Social Forum in Brazil. In 2006- 7 she served as Trade Critic in he shadow cabinet of the Green Party of Canada. She is presently the Trade & Environment critic for Sierra Club Canada as well as their rep on the national Trade Justice Network opposing Free Trade Agreements, and Common Frontiers that works in solidarity with South American social democratic countries. She was also a founding board member of the Nova Scotia Food Policy Council. She considers herself a systemic change agent and has recently completed a 12 week intensive online course for "Agents of Conscious Evolution" to become a leader in the field of evolutionary systems theory and is working on a book : Beyond Collapse: Reframing our World. Janet has a PhD in Marine Biology from Dalhousie University but for more than a decade has been involved with the anti-corporate globalization movement and researching and teaching about political and economic failures and alternatives. Before that she worked in the field of Community Education and Community Economic Development at Dalhousie University and before that a number of other things including marine biology. She has two daughters, one an endangered species biologist with Environment Canada and the other an artist and teacher and four grandchildren.
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